Thursday, November 21, 2013

In the eye of the Storm?

We, as women, are quick to blame the other gender for any ‘injustice’ we perceive. Recently, the a CEO was lambasted for not having a woman on the board.
Seriously, we must be kidding! Are we crying wolf?

There are far larger issues that still haunt women today; these are as basic and critical as their very existence and security.

Trivial debates are meaningless and, by crying wolf for everything we only end up alienating the whole gender. In this instance, it may get a woman to the board, but women in general, may have lost some goodwill from the other gender. 

I don’t mean to imply that women are not over-looked by men.
They certainly are. But we can’t hold men to a different standard that we don’t ourselves attempt to meet.
I have seen many instances of ambitious women having trouble accepting and acknowledging other intelligent women. My point being not just men, but also women should be held to the same standard.

I do believe that as women we rely on our families, and this support means a lot to us. To this if we add an unbiased work culture, we have a recipe for success. It is important to remember that women have entered the workforce only recently. And there will be some teething issues that would need explicit fairness in smoothening out.