Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Predictive Analytics: I-knew-then-what-I-know-now

What’s the next game-changer for businesses?
Have you ever wondered about this?

It was and always will be - the human capital!
Newer technologies may emerge & you would have to rapidly adopt them … but what remains steadfast and always true – is that your human capital is your biggest asset.

Wouldn’t you love to always harness the strength of human capital?
Sure, you can!

Predictive Analytics is poised to revolutionize HR and mature organizations are looking deeper at the data in their arsenal & connecting the dots - & lo behold this data does tell a compelling story!

Today’s technology gives you the tools to look via this statistical microscope - at the patterns within your data. These patterns often times are the trends that you could potentially capitalize on and turn them to your competitive advantage.

There is no reason why you should lose a talented employee to your competitor.
If only “I-knew-then-what-I know-now” - is no longer a valid argument. Period.
If your HR is “technology savvy” & determined – it does not have to go only by hindsight – it can have the insight & foresight required to be on top of it’s game.

There is absolutely no reason why a long-term employee’s performance should fall because he has been demotivated for a while.
Predictive Analytics is powerful enough to have “seen” the likeliness of this happening & HR could have done a what-if analysis and taken corrective actions.

Yes, I so agree with you - this does require HR to be donning the technology cap – it can only then enjoy the game that unfolds!

Make sure your HR does not miss this highway signpost – cause that is the surest way of forging straight ahead!